[gmx-users] g_anaeig output

akdemir at few.vu.nl akdemir at few.vu.nl
Wed Jun 16 13:13:38 CEST 2004

Dear Berk and others,

I use gromacs version 3.2.1. These are the commands I have used:

g_covar -f full_2.xtc -s full_2.tpr -n -o -v -av -l -ascii -xpm -xpma -nice 0 
lsq fit and covariance analysis both on the C-alpha atoms (1032 atoms)

g_anaeig -v -f full_2.xtc -s full_2.tpr -n -eig -comp -rmsf -proj -2d -3d -
nice 0

Again C-alpha atoms (1032 atoms) were selected. I didn't do anything with 

I hope this helps you (and me ;-)))


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