[gmx-users] g_cluster fatal error

Nuno R. L. Ferreira nunolf at ci.uc.pt
Tue Jun 29 15:22:46 CEST 2004

Hi again

While running g_cluster, it gives me the following error:

g_cluster -f all.pdb -s actforce4_9w.pdb


Selected 3: 'C-alpha'
Reading frame       0 time    1.000    '', 2466 atoms
Last frame         60 time   61.000
Allocated 132720 bytes for frames
Read 61 frames from trajectory all.pdb
Computing 61x61 RMS deviation matrix
# RMSD calculations left: 0

The RMSD ranges from 0.0440035 to 0.143548 nm
Average RMSD is 0.0794741
Number of structures for matrix 61
Energy of the matrix is 1.62718 nm
WARNING: rmsd minimum 0 is below lowest rmsd value 0.0440035
Linking structures **
Sorting and renumbering clusters

Found 1 clusters

Writing rms distance/clustering matrix Fatal error: Can not plot more than 16 
discrete colors

Can someone explain what is going on?

Best regards,

P.S. gmx321 v.

Nuno Ricardo Santos Loureiro da Silva Ferreira
Grupo de Química Biológica 
Departamento Química
Universidade de Coimbra
"Do not worry about your difficulties in maths.
 I can assure you that mine are still greater."

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