[gmx-users] automatic selections with interactive gmx commands

Marc Lensink Marc.Lensink at UGent.be
Mon May 31 15:53:55 CEST 2004

Quoting gianluca santarossa <gianluca.santarossa at unimib.it>:

> Can someone explain me why the command
>   g_energy -sum -s mytopology -f mytrajectory < text_file
> does the right things, while the command
>   echo -e '38\n39\n40\n41\n42\n43\n0\n' | g_energy -sum -s mytopology -f 
> mytrajectory
> asked for my choices?

Pipes and redirected input are not the same thing. Apparently gromacs tools do
not accept the former.


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