[gmx-users] Truncated Octahedron Box

Seonah Kim kim at qtp.ufl.edu
Mon May 31 19:06:37 CEST 2004

Hello All,

I asked Villin Benchmark for octahedron box and Dr. Spoel replied to me that if 
I use trjconv command, I can see the octahedron box.
I still have one more question about trjconv. 

I used trjconv option like,

>trjconv -f full.trr -s full.tpr -o full.pdb 

Now, I got the full.pdb file and upload this pdb file using VMD but it still  
looks like cubic box instead of octahedron box. Did I miss something to see 
octahedron box? If someone knows this solution, I'll greatly happy for this. :)

Thank you for your help in advance...

Seonah Kim

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