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Mu Yuguang (Dr) YGMu at ntu.edu.sg
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I think it just says that samping of your trajectory is not long enough. Each trajectory just sits in its own local minimum.



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Dear list,

I've performed two MD on the same pdb file and with the same mdp files,

but when I perform the ED analysis on the concateneted trajectory I find difference along the first eigenvector for the two separate trajectories:


-trajectory 1                                                   -trajectory 2

 averages projection (1st eigenvec)=0.908 nm     averages projection (1st eigenvec)=- 0.906 nm

 rmsf (1st eigenvec) = 0.031 nm                        rmsf (1st eigenvec) = 0.017 nm


I know that two MD simulations on the same sistem difficultly are the same, but what do you think about the extent of the differences?


Thanks in advance,



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