[gmx-users] Any success with gmx on a (Itanium) SGI Altix?

Jesús Salgado Benito jesus.salgado at uv.es
Thu Sep 2 19:46:24 CEST 2004

I plan to build Gromacs 3.2 on a Itanium2-based SGI-Altix system and try to 
get ready for the problems I may encounter. I have searched the mailing list, 
but found very few entries related to this: Just an e-mail from Malcolm 
Tobias reporting some problems and a short reply by Erik with some advice. 
Since this was some time ago, there may have been some developments on the 

Can anyone provide some update (perhaps Malcolm) on the compilation of Gromacs 
in the Altix system?
If there is a successful history, could I get some hints about the proper 
steps to make and Flags to use?
Are there data on the performance of this system for Gromacs?

Thanks a lot,

Jesús Salgado
Universitat de Valencia, Dept. Bioquímica i Biol. Mol.
Dr. Moliner, 50, 46100 Burjassot (Valencia)
PHONE: +34 963543016   FAX: +34 963544635

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