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Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Fri Sep 17 02:14:39 CEST 2004

>I working with phenylacetylene oligomers in which the phenyl rings are 
>connected by alkyne linkages.
>I want to introduce rotation barriers to keep the phenyl rings coplanar.
>is it possible to introduce a dihedral around the single bond that 
>connects the phenyl ring
>to the alkyne carbon? if yes, how can i define it in gromacs?

Same as you define any other dihedral, how it is done depends a bit on the 
forcefield used.  Chapter 5 covers the formatting used in the topology 
files, probably 5.6 is the section of most interest, and the theory is in 
   To keep things coplanar you may have to use an improper ?
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