[gmx-users] template.c: HOW TO READ X and V

avb avb at isc-ras.ru
Tue Aug 9 16:52:04 CEST 2005

Dear gmx-users,
I use template.c example to read trajectory.
 Is it possible to read both coordinates and velocities

I found in statutil.h flags:
TRX_READ_X (1<<0)
TRX_NEED_X (1<<1)
TRX_READ_V (1<<2)
TRX_READ_V (1<<3)

but I can use only one of them: for example flags=TRX_READ_X;

so when I call read_first_frame and read_next_frame routine subsequently
I get either coordinate or velocities.

Is it possible to get both Xes and Ves at the same call to function?

Best regards,
 Alexander Borodin                          mailto:avb at isc-ras.ru

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