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Patel Ronak Y ronakp at iitb.ac.in
Tue Feb 1 08:07:47 CET 2005

Dear Dr Spoel,

The problem of glucose ring transition is fixed.

Some proper ring dihedrals (defined with respect to other ring carbons) I
replaced with dihedrals defined with repect to exocyclic groups

Thanks for your suggestions.

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> On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 10:35 +0530, Patel Ronak Y wrote:
>> Dear Dr Spoel,
>> I used nrexcl=3. I think it should be correct. I tried eleminating some
>> of
>> the intramolecular interactions of glucose ring but the problem
>> persists.
>> Once againg I would like to mention is that for galactose and N-acetyl
>> galactosamine, the chair coformation is nicely maintained. In galactose
>> hydroxyl group at C4 is axial and for glucose it is equatorial,
>> configuration of all other carbons is same.
>> Out of six torsions of glucose ring three are absolutely fine but other
>> three are skewed up.
> Obviously the correct conformation is still subject to large forces. Try
> to find out where they come from by doing an energy minimization and
> look at the individual energy terms. It is easy to define impropers
> incorrectly, but ther could also be a pair interaction that should be
> turned off.
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> David.
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