[gmx-users] Compiling Error with icce

Florian Haberl Florian.Haberl at chemie.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Jan 17 16:55:11 CET 2005


> icce is the 64-bit version of the intel compiler - right now you should
> only compile in 64-bit if you use the CVS version of gromacs that has
> 64-bit assembly loops. In that case it works great, but only gives you
> 5-10% extra performance compared to gcc.

Ok, i will try this, so are 64 bit prozessors not faster with 32 bit or 64 bit 
versions of gromacs?

> If you are using the released version 3.2.1 you will get better
> performance by compiling in 32-bit mode with "icc".

> All Gromacs makefiles are created automatically at configuration time
> by autoconf, so if it doesn't recognize a compiler you can just get
> newer versions of config.sub and config.guess from ftp.gnu.org. You
> should never resort to edit makefiles manually....

As it was only some missing " it  was not real big mistake.



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