[gmx-users] Cross-compiling: How to include an externally generated innerc.c?

Nathan Moore nmoore at physics.umn.edu
Thu Jun 2 18:18:34 CEST 2005

I apologize for being so noisy on this forum lately.

I'm cross-compiling GROMACS on ppc64 architecture for use on a different
ppc32 parallel machine.  I've worked out the details of the configure
script and have also created a target-architecture innerc.c by running the
program mkinl on the target ppc32 architecture.  I generated mkinl in
/src/gmxlib/ by "make mkinl".  I then moved the result, "innerc.c" back to
the directory /src/gmxlib/ and tried make.  Strangely, I saw the same
error as in previous case,

>>> This is the GROMACS code generator for MD & MC inner loops
>>> It will generate single precision C code in file innerc.c
>>> Using gromacs invsqrt code
>>> Inlining gromacs invsqrt code
>>> Using normal solvent optimized loops
>>> Prefetching forces in loops: none
>>> Nonthreaded inner loops
>>> Vectorizing invsqrt in loops:none
Error creating file innerc.c
make: *** [innerc.c] Error 255

Why did configure try to make innerc.c again, when I had returned it to
the directory src/gmxlib?  Do I need to tell the config script that I'll
generate innerc.c externally and then insert it?


Nathan Moore

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