[gmx-users] Fatal error message

Jordi Camps jcamps at lsi.upc.edu
Fri Jun 10 00:53:50 CEST 2005

Dear Ahmed,

I think that your problem is with the spaces embedded in the path. I suggest
you to try 4 workarounds (I hope some one will work):
	1. Surround the complete path to cpp with " in the .mdp file.
	2. Add the path where cpp resides to your PATH system variable. Then
change the .mdp line that contains the complete path with only the
executable (cpp).
	3. Escape the spaces in your path to cpp with backslashes in the
.mdp file.
	4. Install Gromacs (or only the cpp tool) in a folder without spaces
(ex.: c:\gromacs)

All this suggestions are based in the information of the previous message.
If you have now the cpp tool in /WINDOWS/system32/wbem/cpp, the the
workaround that suggested David should work. Change slashes (/) by
backslashes (\) and perhaps add the drive letter (c:).

Hope this helps :-)

See you!

Jordi Camps Puchades
Instituto Nacional de Bioinformatica (INB) Nodo Computacional GNHC-2
c/. Jordi Girona 1-3              
Modul C6-E201                     Tel.  : 934 011 650
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nombre de Lakhani, Ahmed Ashiqali
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Asunto: [gmx-users] Fatal error message

creating statusfile for 1 node...

Hi everyone
I am still trying Gromacs in windows platform.  I am keep runing to the
message below.  I am convinced that I am not giving a right path for cpp. 
anybody know how to fixed this problem

Back Off! I just backed up mdout.mdp to ./#mdout.mdp.3# checking input for
internal consistency... calling /WINDOWS/system32/wbem/cpp...
'/WINDOWS/system32/wbem/cpp' is not recognized as an internal or external
comman d, operable program or batch file. cpp exit code: 1 Tried to execute:
'/WINDOWS/system32/wbem/cpp  -IC:\Documents and Settings\Ahmed
Lakhani\Desktop\gromacs\share\top -DFLEX_SPC speptide.top > gromppa00428'
The '/WINDOWS/system32/wbem/cpp' command is defined in the .mdp file
processing topology... processing coordinates... Fatal error: number of
coordinates in coordinate file (b4em.gro, 2741)
             does not match topology (speptide.top, 0)

C:\Documents and Settings\AhmedLakhani\Desktop\gromacs\share\tutor\speptide>


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