[gmx-users] again about the non-standard residue and thank Dr. Mu

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Hi, Dr Mu,
 Thank you for your reply. Maybe I haven't said quite clear. To construct
the topology file for the non-standard residue, we have to extract this
strange aminoacid, then take it as a whole neutral molecule to minimize the
structure and to calculate the charge population on every atom with MM or
even QM method. whether should I add group such as -COCH3 and NH2 to the NH
and CO terminal respectively to semi-reproduce the environment of these two
terminal. How about your advice and experiences?
  H. R. Hu

State Key laboratory of Genetic Engineering,

Scool of Life Sciences,

Fudan University

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> Just in bonds segtion write
> -C N
> C +N
> Here -C means the C from last residue and +N is the N from next residue

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