[gmx-users] FEP with energy group exclusions

Maik Goette mgoette at mpi-bpc.mpg.de
Tue Nov 8 09:18:36 CET 2005

Dear all

I am using FEP(TI) with energy group exclusions, to exclude interaction 
between the first molecule (B-State, fully dummy) and the second one 
(A-State, becomes dummy).
g_energy yields 0 energies between them and that is fine.
But for some reason, I switched the energy groups exclusions off. 
Because there are 2 atoms (one real, one dummy) directly on top of each 
other, I expected the system to instantly crash...but it run through the 
whole sim!
Now, g_energy yields again 0 between the two groups...though energy 
group exclusion is off. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
The topology is correct, the index-file, too (as far as one can 
perfectly check them manually;) ).


Maik Goette, Dipl. Biol.
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Theoretical & computational biophysics department
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