[gmx-users] what's the meaning of pbc=no?

Dai Liang g0403186 at nus.edu.sg
Mon Nov 14 05:40:45 CET 2005

It's really a good idea.
Thanks very much

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> On Sun, 13 Nov 2005, Dai Liang wrote:
>>I want to do a simulation without periodic boundary condition, but I am 
>>confused by the meaning of pbc=no.
>>It may have two meanings.
>>First, no box, then liquid water becomes vapour because pressure is zero.
>>Second, there is a box. any atom who collides the box will be reflexed. 
>>but here no image box.
>>The simulation I intend to do is the second one, but gromacs seems to do 
>>the first one.
> That's correct.
> You can model a rigid wall of LJ particles if you want reflections, then
> you have to embed that in vacuum to avoid interactions accross the walls.
>>who can clarify it? thanks
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