[gmx-users] General Questions abdout gromacs

Erik Lindahl lindahl at sbc.su.se
Mon Nov 21 20:01:33 CET 2005

> I used the following command:
> mdrun -nive 0 -v -s ............ ener.edr &
> and then I closed the x window I used and re opened it again. I  
> tried to see what programs are running in the cluster using top but  
> I didn't find the mdrun running.
> did I used the right command? should there be a space between  
> ".edr" and "&"?
> any suggestion??

If you kill the shell you kill all background programs too, unless  
you've detached them. How to do that depends on your shell, so check  
the standard csh/ksh/bash/zsh documentation.



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