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Junfang.Zhang at csiro.au Junfang.Zhang at csiro.au
Wed Nov 30 07:04:34 CET 2005

Dear Gromacs-users,


I am going to use Gromacs to simulate gas hydrates. 

As I am new to this software, I am wondering if you can help me with
some questions.


Currently, I am looking at the system of water+methane. Can you please
let me know how to keep the total number of molecules fixed or specify
the number of water molecules and methane molecules?


 If I use the following command


Genbox  -cs  water.gro  -ci    methane.pdb -nmol 8 -box 2 2 2 -o out.gro


to generate out.gro file, the number of methane molecules  can be
specified, but not the water molecules. 



Your assistance will be deeply appreciated.


Regards and thanks,








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