[gmx-users] PGI compilation error: --rpath problem?

Jones de Andrade johannesrs at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 08:46:54 CEST 2006

Hi all!

Ok, I did not acquired to compile gromacs with intel yet, but now I'm also
facing problems with PGI compilers (which also has the extra problem of
needin to be redownloaded soon).

Just in case someone asks: I'm trying to benchmark gromacs in A64s with
different compilers. ;)

Well, PGI is dieing here:
/usr/local/pgi/linux86-64/6.0 /bin/pgcc -tp=k8-64 -fastsse -Mipa=fast
-Mipa=inline -o grompp topio.o toppush.o topcat.o topshake.o convparm.o
tomorse.o sorting.o splitter.o vsite_parm.o readir.o add_par.o topexcl.o
toputil.o topdirs.o grompp.o  -L/usr/local/lib64/fftw/pgi/lib
../mdlib/.libs/libmd.a -L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -L/usr/X11/lib
../gmxlib/.libs/libgmx.a -lnsl /usr/local/lib64/fftw/pgi/lib/libfftw3f.a -lm
/usr/X11R6/lib64/libXm.so -lXmu -lSM -lICE -lXext -lXp -lXt -lX11 --rpath
/usr/X11R6/lib64 --rpath /usr/X11R6/lib64
pgcc-Warning-Unknown switch: --rpath
pgcc-Warning-Unknown switch: --rpath
File with unknown suffix passed to linker: /usr/X11R6/lib64
File with unknown suffix passed to linker: /usr/X11R6/lib64

I googled this kind of error, but it's only reported to LAM... in that case,
they basically recomend to pass the -Wl flag to the linker.

Did anybody here faced this problem before? How it was solved? And exactly
how culd I pas that extra flag just to the linker (tried straight the
LDFLAGS, then the ./configure does not find that the compiler can produce
executables...  :p )?

Thanks you all for all the help. Promisse to send the results of the benchs
to here when they are finished. :)

Thanks again,

*Ops, sorry for the first message: wrong thread... :(
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