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> Gerrit is right, with "sd", the friction is set by tau_t, as described
> in the section on SD in the manual. In my hands, different tau_t with
> sd does make a significant difference in what goes on...
> David
> On 7/31/06, Gerrit Groenhof (RUG) <g.groenhof at rug.nl> wrote:
> > I think you do not use the bd_fric in combination with sd, but with bd,
> > the friction is set by the tau_t instead. Did you als use different
> > parameters for that?
> >
> > For bd, you would use the friction bd_fric to set the ld friction, but
> > not for sd, but I could be wrong here...

I know this is correctly mentioned in the manual, but if you look at the
mdout.mdp file, it says:

; Friction coefficient (amu/ps) and random seed
bd-fric                  = 0
ld-seed                  = 1993

which just makes things more confusing than they already are. Maybe a
suggestion to more clearly indicate the bd and sd parameters in there?

greetings, Pim
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