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Marcos Villarreal arloa at mail.fcq.unc.edu.ar
Thu Aug 3 11:40:36 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 20:35, paloureiro at biof.ufrj.br wrote:
> > Dear Gromacs users,
> >   I am looking for individual experimental (NMR) order parameter
> > values for sn1 and sn2 chains at physiological temperature for DMPC
> > in order to carry out the analysis of my trajectories and compare
> > the results.
> >   I have got the values for sn-2 chain but unable to get it for
> > sn1chain of DMPC. Though this question is not directly related to
> > gromacs but this is the place where many people deal with lipids and
> >  its parameters.
> >   Please put it up on the forum in case anybody has the reference or
> >  the values.
> >   I would be really thankful,
> >   waiting for the response,
> >   Pri...
> Hi,
> maybe you will find it in
> DOULIEZ, J.P., LÉONARD, A. & DUFOURC, E.J. Restatement of order
> parameters in biomembranes: calculation of C-C bond order parameters
> from CD quadrupolar splittings. Biophys. J, v. 68, p. 1727-1739. 1995
> Cheers.
> Pedro.

 This is a very nice paper on lipid order parameters:
Biophys J. 2000 Dec;79(6):3172-92.
Area per lipid and acyl length distributions in fluid phosphatidylcholines
determined by (2)H NMR spectroscopy.
Petrache HI, Dodd SW, Brown MF.


Marcos Villarreal
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