[gmx-users] (no subject)

Mark Abraham mark.abraham at anu.edu.au
Wed Dec 6 08:31:14 CET 2006

>   Hi users
>   I put dssp program in /home/hadi
>   when  I type the following commend to run the program
>   do_dssp -s pr -f full
>   I encounter to this error
>   Program do_dssp, VERSION 3.3
>   Source code file: do_dssp.c, line: 448
>   Fatal error:
>   DSSP executable (/usr/local/bin/dssp) does not exist (use setenv DSSP)
>   -------------------------------------------------------
>   Then I type setenv DSSP /home/hadi/dssp
>   Again I encounter to another error as follow
>   bash: setenv: command not found
>   how wecan solve this problem?

... by understanding that there is a difference between bash (which is the
shell you are using) and csh (or tcsh). setenv is useful for the latter,
something else is useful for the former. Consult the man page for bash, or
search the web.


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