[gmx-users] rdf / sdf around a specific point

Martin Höfling martin.hoefling at gmx.de
Wed Dec 13 10:31:12 CET 2006

Am Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2006 10:00 schrieb Tsjerk Wassenaar:

> I'd say it would be easiest to modify the code of g_rdf/g_sdf to allow
> the determination to be done around a given point. I don't know
> whether you have any programming experience. It shouldn't be very
> difficult to do. Maybe, if I have some spare time, I could do it, but
> it won't have my priority (unless you can convince me otherwise).

No, it's not your job to progam my stuff ;-)
I just wanna make sure that I did not overlooked an easy way. I have to 
familiarize with the code anyways.

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