[gmx-users] merging several trr and edr files

Joern Lenz JLenz at zbh.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Dec 20 08:47:42 CET 2006

dear gromacs users,

i have the following problem:
I want to simulate a protein fragmet (about 500 aa) together with a dsDNA 
fragment (20 bp) in a cubic box solvated with water molecules.
I tried to run this simulation for several times for about 2000 ps but our cpu 
cluster always makes problems.  
So I thought of splitting the simulation in steps of smaller length.

Is there a possibility to merge e.g. ten simulations of 200 ps into one 
simulation of 2000 ps without loosing any information of the trr or edr 
or ... or ... files ?

Thank you very much in advance
and have a happy christmas ..

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