[gmx-users] Re:gmxdemo: peptide to real protein and boom

David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Tue Feb 14 22:27:28 CET 2006

David Mathog wrote:
> Tamas Horvath wrote:
>> Check out what groups you have. The values at tau_t and ref_t refer to
> those
>> groups.
>> In the default case, in the demo, those refer to "protein" and "SOL"
> groups.
> I went another way on this one.  Since the values in each column
> are the same (at least in the demos) I modified readir.c so that it
> just filled in the missing tau_t and ref_t values with those from
> the last column.  After emitting a warning of course.  Then it ran
> to completion.
Sounds like a useful hack, since it is quite rare that one used 
different values. Can you send me the hacked readir.c code?
A general problem with automating stuff is that people may stop 
thinking... Let's be honest if you want to get something done and get a 
messagebox with the options Cancel OK, then you click OK (I do...). 
However for scientific programs the user should know what (s)he's doing...
> Which brings up the next mystery.  When ngmx runs on the output
> the filter screen has 
> Group-1: system,protein,protein-h,c-alpha,backbone,
> mainchain,mainchain_Cb, and MainChain+H
> Group-2: sidechain,sidechain-H,prot-masses,nonprotein,CA,SOL,Other
> In the gmxdemo with cpeptide there was only one Group-1, which
> contained all of the entries from Groups 1 and 2 except CA.
> What significance does one group vs. two have?  Any?  Is it just that
> the program thinks the menu is too long and splits it at 15 entries?
It's just that, they won't fit on the screen otherwise.

If you have more hacks that you think are of general interest please 
send them to me.

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