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Jorge Hernandez Fernandez jorgehf at cbi.cnptia.embrapa.br
Fri Feb 24 15:42:58 CET 2006

      Definitively it’s Match-Point for David............

I agree that some restraint is necessary for those answering on the
list. However I also understand that some people that are usually very
helpful get frustrated when they feel someone asks questions in an
unfriendly manner while it is clear that they haven't done their

There are obviously quite some questions which can be found in the
manual or by searching the mailing list. We should more rigorously point
to those resources if people ask such questions. On the other hand we do
not want to shy away people from posing questions. The software is not
perfect, and never will be (but almost...)

Finally I would also like to request some restraint regarding
"religious" messages. In some countries it is rude *not* to start a
conversation with a sentence like "in the name of god". I would like to
request those that feel an urge to respond to such sentences to simply
ignore it. Happily the list has not seen any spam or religious fanatics,
or much off-topic discussion. I am happy that over 1000 people on five
continents are subscribed to the list and together try to help each
other in performing MD.

If you'll excuse me, I go back to fixing bugs now.
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