[gmx-users] Scripting Analysis tools in tcsh

Mark Abraham mark.abraham at anu.edu.au
Sat Jul 1 09:20:43 CEST 2006

> Hello GMX users,
> (this may be more of a tcsh question, but here goes anyway).
> I'm trying to write a script to go through some trajectories and
calculate hbonding.  It looks like this:

While it is possible to do these things, it's rarely worth going to
contortions with "here documents" when programs like Expect
(http://expect.nist.gov/) have more fully-featured programming languages
to approach things. Perl would also do a much better job at insulating the
contents of the loop from the loop construct.

If you've got 5 screws to put in, use a screwdriver, but if it's 500, then
read the manual for how to use the drill attachment for the task and use
it! :-)


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