[gmx-users] RE: g_h2order

Junfang.Zhang at csiro.au Junfang.Zhang at csiro.au
Fri Jul 21 05:55:47 CEST 2006

Dear Gromacs users,

When I use 

g_h2order -f traj.xtc -n index.ndx -s XXX.tpr -d Z -o order.xvg

to analyze the orientation of water molecules with respect to the normal
in Z direction, I found there are 5 columns in order.xvg. They are

xaxis  label "box (nm)"

yaxis  label "mu_x, mu_y, mu_z (D), cosine with normal"

Can you please let me know what mu_x, mu_y, mu_z (D) represent? 

Kind regards,

J. Zhang

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