[gmx-users] Problems Looking at Graphic Output

Zakharova, Natalia Leonidovna nlzakh at wsu.edu
Thu Jun 1 20:26:32 CEST 2006

Dear GROMACS community,
I am new to Linux and GROMACS.
I successfully installed Gromacs on TopologiLinux. I can run the examples in tutorial folder without problems, but I can't look on any graphic output because I don't have "xmgrace" installed. I did some Internet searches and was able to find and download its decendant - Grace. However, I was unable to install it because Grace can't find the Motif libraries. After looking into my system I was able to find "lesstif" folder in /usr/doc/ (LessTif is suposed to be a replacement for Motif, as far as I understand from reading LessTif and Grace web-pages), but I am still not sure if it is installed on my system (is there any way to find this out? how can I get Grace to find and use LessTif libraries? path to which file should I define for ./configure to find them?). After some more Internet searching I found and downloaded OpenMotif. Unfortunately, I was unable to install it due to many errors.
I am not sure what to do now (I very much would like to be able to look at graphic outputs) and any help will be appreciated.
P.S. Do I need to reinstall GROMACS once I install Grace?
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