[gmx-users] installing Gromacs with non-standard location of LAM/MPI

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 7 06:53:51 CEST 2006

Ivica Res wrote:
> Dear Mark,
> Thank you for the prompt answer.
> I did, however, compile FFTW with the --enable-float option,
> as I tried to explain in the original message.

Ahh true.

> It is my understanding that this gives me the float version
> of FFTW, doesn't it. Is there any other reason why
> this linking might not function?

While it is true that some configure scripts will pick up environment 
values for LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, etc. I am not aware of any evidence that 
gromacs is one of them. I have always specified LDFLAGS='-lblah 
-L/usr/XXX -lfoo' and such on the configure command line and found that 
to work as expected. Perhaps you could try that.


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