[gmx-users] methanol/water mixture with all atoms

Dallas B. Warren Dallas.Warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Wed Mar 1 22:32:25 CET 2006

>(1) I downloaded equilibrated methanol box (pdb) with opls from the
gromacs website
>(I need an all-atom model for MeOH).  When I pdb2gmx, I get the
following error message:

Why are you running it rhough pdb2gmx?

Is there a .itp or .top file in the zip file you downloaded?  If so,
then that is what you use.  You don't run it through pdb2gmx, that is
from taking a pdb file for proteins and generating the topology files.

>(2) What I really want is an all-atom butanol/water or methanol/water
(1:3 in mole fraction) mixture
>with about 400 molecules total. How do people usually generate initial
coordinate file for such a system?

Doesn't really matter too much, you can start with a very regular
crystal like packing, you can use the genconf script to do that, you
randomise it (but there isn't a script with GROMACS that does that very
well currently, will have to run your own or use someone else's).

>(3) Does opls/tip4p sound like a reasonable combination for the
simulation of the methanol/water system?
>If not, could you please recommend one?

Best idea is to check the literature on that one, what has been done
perviously along the lines of what you are looking to do.

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