[gmx-users] Preformance on AMD X2!

Mikko Hellgren Mikko.Hellgren at mbb.ki.se
Mon Mar 6 15:01:23 CET 2006

I am going to bye a new computer and I would like to run some MD 
simulations on it. The budget is quite tight so I wonder if there is 
any kind of advice to what machine I should bye. I did not find any 
benchmarks test on the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ that I thought would be 
a good choice for me. Any comment or experience of this or should I 
consider Intel/Xeon/Opeteron instead. But take the tight budget in 
consideration when you ansewer to this.....

Many thanks for any comments
Mikko Hellgren, PhD student at Karoliska Institutet 
One cannot avoid making mistakes if one tries to produce a set of 
words, or of mathematical formulae, to describe nature. Nature is more 
complicated than language or mathematics. Nevertheless, one must do 
one's best to produce a set of symbols which are not to discordant 
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