[gmx-users] 32 bit dual core or 64 bit single core?

Beniamino Sciacca superbenji83 at yahoo.it
Thu Mar 9 22:17:36 CET 2006

Hi community!
I'm new on this mailing list, so excuse me if i make some mistakes.
I've to work with Gormacs for the analysis of the interaction of some 
molecules of DNA.
For this purpouse I must buy a notebook; obviously i need a very 
performant computer...I've not much time!
My question is:
is better an intel centrino duo (dual core, but unfortunately works only 
on 32 bit) or is better an AMD turion 64 (that is single core but work 
on 64 bit, and gromacs could works on 32 bit)?
which is more performant with the use of gromacs?
are there some differences?

thanks very much
Beniamino (superbenji83 at yahoo.it)

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