[gmx-users] Why my protein always falls out of the water box?

Jochen Hub jhub at gwdg.de
Mon Mar 13 15:45:12 CET 2006

Shanjie Huang wrote:

>Hi dear friends,
>I performed a molecular dynamics of a ligand-receptor complex for 5ns;
>but I found that my complex always fall out from the water box quickly
>in the first 1ns. What may be the problem? 
>Can I constrain some residues which are far away from the active site to
>aviod this problem? But I am worry about the extra constrain would
>interfere my MD result, for in the normal situation there should be no
When using

comm-grps                = Protein

in your mdp file the center of mass of you protein will stay at its 
starting position.

good luck,

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