[gmx-users] GMX on 2xopteron Dual core

Jayant James Jayasundar jayant_jacques at rediffmail.com
Mon May 1 21:05:52 CEST 2006

Hello friends!
After reviewing the chart for GMX performance I purchased this 2x dual core opteron ,2.6GHz procesors and installed Fedora Core 4  (K8N-DL mother board). On booting up, the OS gives the message 'MP system not assigned by PSB bios structure".  how do I overcome this problem? Would installation of another OS overcome the proble, like say example would installing SuSe 10.0 solve the problem. 

Your suggestions/response will be greatly appreciated.

processor specifications:
1. AMD opteron Model 285, 2.6 GHz, Dual core 2mb Cache   Qty-2
2. Motherboard Asus K8N-DL supports Dual opteron , 8-channel sound, Serial ATA, USB2.0
3. Memory, PC 3200, 1024, ECC resistered, total : 4 GB.
4. Sea gate Hard drive SATA,3.5", 300GB, 8MB cache,Native command Queing, model ST3300831AS
During Installation  I give 
/boot- 10 GB
/swap- 8GB

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