[gmx-users] New website

Erik Lindahl lindahl at sbc.su.se
Mon May 15 13:19:56 CEST 2006


>> "These are mailing lists that don't accept messages from non- 
>> subscribers. If you try to post to either of these kinds of  
>> groups, you'll get a bounce message from Gmane informing you of  
>> this."
> The condition that gromacs' mailman uses shall be the e-mail  
> address (correct me if I am wrong). So I think it shall be fine  
> that posting from Gmane shall get pass through if the e-mail  
> address is a subscriber's email.

The from-line isn't important since anybody can fake that. It's the  
MAIL FROM envelope in the SMTP header that matters. I don't see how  
Gmane could fake that and still hope to get past any spam filters  
(apart from violating plenty of RFCs).



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