[gmx-users]ngmx not working ...

sharada sharada at ccmb.res.in
Fri Nov 3 09:45:46 CET 2006

Dear  Mark Abraham,

Thanks a lot for the help.  I am sorry about the subject line . I just 
overlooked it. Regarding ngmx I would try to configure  again and check 
for the errors. That means I would have to go through the process all 
over again. What are the required libraries  ?


Mark Abraham wrote:

> sharada wrote:
>> Hello Erik,
>> Thank you for suggesting the idea. I have got the required help from 
>> FFTW authors. I could load the Gromacs successfully. I have even done 
>> a test run (pdb2gmx - mdrun) on my protein in water. However I am 
>> unable to finally visualise the animation of the dynamics run using 
>> ngmx. It says command not found. Why is it giving me this error when 
>> all the other programs are working ? I could't locate the link for 
>> this program in any folder. Where is it installed ? My  
>> configure,make,make install and make links didnot give any errors ! 
>> Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance.
> Sounds like ngmx wasn't installed, probably because it was disabled in 
> configure, either manually or because you didn't have the requisite 
> libraries. Try your configure command again and read closely for 
> motif, lesstif or X related messages. ngmx is the only GROMACS utility 
> that needs them, so that's why this is the mostly likely cause of the 
> problem. It wouldn't be flagged as an error, because ngmx is quite 
> superfluous for most people, and a lot of compute-only systems are set 
> up without X, and so ngmx can't be compiled...
> Also, next time you change topic, please start a new email and use a 
> relevant subject. This will avoid situations such as the one person 
> with the answer to your question discarding it unread because they 
> have no interest in the topic of the old subject line.
> Mark
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