[gmx-users] change edr file to a new origen time

hseara at netscape.net hseara at netscape.net
Sun Oct 15 13:14:55 CEST 2006

Dear users,
I have a dinamic that I have continued from a previous one. The problem is that I have runned in different gromacs versions, and now the results seems to be different. There's any way to set up the edr file to time 0, even now the time is another?. In order to do the same with the trr file I have used trjconv with the "-t0 0" option. How I can do that with the edr file?. I been trying -t0 option in eneconv but enven in the 3.2.1 manual seems to exist, there is not. I'm using  gromacs 3.3.1.  
Hector Martínez-Seara Monne
University of Barcelona
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