[gmx-users] Gromacs Basics

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Sun Oct 29 14:49:26 CET 2006

lijo skb wrote:
> Dear friend,
> I am Lijo a researcher in bioinformatics,  I would like to know about 
> Gromacs form its basics. Most of the toutorials are less digestive for 
> me , perhaps that may be becose i am a computer backgrounder. To work 
> with Gromacs should i have strong knowledge on MD theory?

Reading the first few chapters of the GROMACS manual is a good start. 
There's more than a few textbooks out there that will give similar 
information from slightly more general viewpoints.

<joke mode="on">Otherwise, you could do what most new people on here 
seem to do, which is to jump straight into a difficult simulation 
without doing any background reading or looking at methods other people 
have used to solve similar problems, then come to a crashing halt at the 
first roadblock, and post a poorly-considered and misspelled email to 
this list :-)</joke>


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