[gmx-users] MPI version on parallelknoppix live CD

Michael Creel michael.creel at uab.es
Fri Sep 15 09:05:59 CEST 2006

Hi gromacs users. The there's a new release of the parallelknoppix
live CD out that has a single precision, mpi-enabled version of
gromacs installed. You can use this CD to set up a cluster and be
running gromacs with MPI in about 10 minutes. The gmxdemo/demo file
has been modified to allow you to specify the number of nodes to run
on. This demo doesn't show much of a speedup, since it's small, but it
does show that everything is working. The PK homepage is
pareto.uab.es/mcreel/ParallelKnoppix, where you can see a screenshot.

If anyone has an example that shows a good speedup, I'd be happy to
put it on a future release.

Cheers, Michael

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