[gmx-users] Recover corrupted files from DVD

Oliver Stüker oliver.stueker at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Sep 21 16:57:29 CEST 2006

Hi Nuno,

> BTW, do you recommend any soft that I can use to try to try to
> recover files froma CD/DVD (iso9600)?

my favorite computer-magazine has once published a Windows-Software to
extract a mostly complete ISO-image of a faulty CD/DVD.


The enclosed Documentation is only in German.

a brief description:

run in a command-Shell of Windows with:

h2cdimage <a>:<t>:<l> <filename> [-i]

where "<a>:<t>:<l>" is the address of your DVD/CD-Drive:
0:0:0 - IDE Primary Master
0:1:0 - IDE Primary Slave
1:0:0 - IDE Secondary Master
1:1:0 - IDE Secondary Slave

<filename> is the base-name of two created files
<filename>.iso (DATA) and <filename>.h2i (STATUS)

and -i tells the program to create new iso- and status-files

h2cdimage will start to create an iso-image first with all healthy parts
of the DVD before it will start spending time in reading faulty
sectors. You can re-run the program several times while skipping the
"-i" Option (you should try different Disc-Drives on different
computers) It will store information of successfully recovered
sectors in the .h2i file.

Hopefully some drives can read sectors that other couldn't, depending on
the automatic error correction in the DVD-Drives Firmware.

If you know German (or have someone at hand who does) here's the online
version of the article describing everything a bit more detailed:

Good luck...


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