[gmx-users] about box size (III)

zzhwise1 zzhwise1 at 163.com
Tue Sep 26 04:40:48 CEST 2006

hi everyone
   since i met the problem several days ago,mang good friends help me !i thank them very much!
  and now,i explicit my problem  and the solution ditailly,hope to help who will meet the same problem!
   my system is composed of two opesite monolayers,and the size is 3,2,6 in x,y ,z directions,first i set the box size 6x6x6,but the upper inverted,the i took the solution that provied by good friend chris.neale,i uesd the editconf option,-f input.gro -o output.gro -bt triclinic -box 4 4 6 .just as that !
   and ,my file can go smoothly!
 thanks chris very much!
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