[gmx-users] g_traj -ng not working with option -ng

Moore, Jonathan (J) JMoore2 at dow.com
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By the way, another way to get the coordinates out is to use trjconv to read a .xtc (or whatever) and output a .gro (for example).


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Hello GMXers

I am trying to extract coordinates for a number of different groups over a trajectory using g_traj. 

When I run g_traj with the -ng 16 option, I can only specify a single group. I've tried for fewer or more groups, with no success, and I've tested to see if it would ask for the next group when it was finished, but it didn't.

It works fine when I use -com, but I need the full coordinates, not just Centres of Mass. I could specify each single atom as a group, but that would further increase the number of groups, and the post-processing, so I'm wondering if there's a solution? 

I'm running v3.3, but I've tried it with 3.31 as well. 

Any hints?

Jon Ellis  

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