[gmx-users] configure: Unknown floating-point format w/IRIX?

Allen Smith easmith at beatrice.rutgers.edu
Mon Aug 13 23:38:40 CEST 2007

In message <mid+200708132112.l7DLCfwX1204256 at dogberry.rutgers.edu> (on 13
August 2007 17:12:41 -0400), easmith at beatrice.rutgers.edu (Allen Smith)
>A build on IRIX 6.5.30m with cc version, using -n32 -mips4, gives
>the following error:
>checking floating-point format... configure: WARNING: Unknown floating-point format
>It does correctly figure out that the format is big-endian:
>checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... (cached) yes
>configure:7767: checking floating-point format
>configure:7788: cc -mips4 -n32 -L/server/people/staff/easmith/lib32 -L/usr/share/rutgers/lib32 -L/usr/lib32/mips4 -L/usr/lib32 -L/lib32 -Wl,-rpath,/server/people/staff/easmith/lib32:/usr/share/rutgers/lib32:/usr/lib32/mips4:/usr/lib32:/lib32 -Wl,-multigot -woff 1110 -c -I/server/people/staff/easmith/include -I/usr/share/rutgers/include -O3 -OPT:fast_sqrt=OFF:Olimit=0 -TENV:X=1 -LNO:opt=1:ou_further=3 -OPT:fold_unsafe_relops=OFF:div_split=OFF:IEEE_arithmetic=1:roundoff=0 -LANG:pch=ON:pch_dir=/tmp/allens  conftest.c >&5
>configure:7791: $? = 0
>configure:7811: WARNING: Unknown floating-point format
>configure:7821: result: 
>>From a brief check on the mailing list, this is likely to cause problems
>with optimizations? Extracting whatever configure was trying to compile and
>seeing what it actually turned out (and putting this result into the message
>about an "Unknown floating-point format" for any future encountering of this
>problem - not something I have time to do...) may be of interest.

Correction on the suggestion: it would need to do 'strings' or something to
find it. The output of a strings on the .o file is
"GROMACSXÇÙÖÔÁÃâçCÈ". grep ROMACS does not find this in the file, however;
egrep and fgrep do, as would 'strings [.o file] | grep'. I note discussion
of this at:

I note in grep's manpage:

     The input files must be text files.


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