[gmx-users] Clovertown vs Woodcrest gromacs experiences?

Ansgar Esztermann aeszter at gwdg.de
Mon Aug 27 10:05:37 CEST 2007

On Fri, Aug 24, 2007 at 09:56:32AM +0200, Erik Lindahl wrote:
> Hi,
> Quad-core is the way to go. I recently benchmarked the scaling of the  
> CVS version, and with 8 independent jobs we get 85-97% throughput  
> scaling, depending on the type of simulation. And you get essentially  
> the same performance if you run two jobs using 4 cores each.
> Even for a single simulation parallelizing over all 8 cores (lots of  
> communication), the scaling is 70-90% with CVS.

I'll second that. With our systems, we got around 80% scaling on 8
cores as well. Considering the relatively low price of the quads, I'd
definitely go with the quads.
Besides, density might be an issue as well: a single unit in a 19"
rack can easily cost 1k$ or more, so doubling the density may save a
lot of money.

Ansgar Esztermann
Researcher & Sysadmin
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