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Hello, Tawhid

In the file pull.ppa, you can appoint a direction to pull

And if you want to pull some atoms together, you can make them in one same group in the *.ndx file and give them a name like ‘pull'. And then, put the 'pull' in group_1 .

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>Hi I am trying to understand the pull code with the tutorial i found from here. 
>i have a  confusion about it. 
>when i put one atom in the reference group and the other atom in the group_1, doesn't it mean that, the pulling should be in one direction? But the result i am getting, it looks like it is pulled in both way. 
>and if I wanted to pull with a group of atom, should I just put the atoms in group_2, group_3, in this manner?
>can any one help me with this? 
>Thanks in advance.
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