[gmx-users] GROMACS and GPU (and PS3)

Vasilii Artyukhov darth.vasya at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 11:23:56 CET 2007

Hi everybody,

I wonder if GROMACS will eventually support running on the graphics cards,
especially since there have been several announcements of extremely powerful
cards like AMD's FireStream recently. I know that the question has
repeatedly been asked some time ago, but hey, the Stanford guys from f at h did
manage to adapt GROMACS for GPUs, and they don't seem to regret it :)

I'd also like to know if anyone has actually tried running GROMACS on
PlayStation 3, seems like this Cell CPU could perform really well for
moderately sized systems (so that you don't run into the 512 MB memory

Best regards,
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