[gmx-users] membranes & proteins revisited

Alan Dodd anoddlad at yahoo.com
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Of course it's unnatural, it's a membrane made of gas instead of lipid ;)  I'd recommend that you equilibrate the "membrane" first, and check it actually behaves in a manner close enough to one for what you want - and then insert a protein into it.  You might want to look into the make_hole suite on the user contributions page, it's designed to make a hole in a lipid membrane for a protein, but I'm sure modifying it for argon would be rather trivial.

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Hi all,

I have a trimer membrane protein structure & an artificial Argon grid
membrane (100x100x30Å).

First I wonder whether you should equilibrate the membrane first (it looks
very un-natural, like a perfect grid...) and then physically remove atoms
where I want to have my protein, then run:
genbox -cp protein.gro -cs membrane.gro

if I just run it as it is, I get:

Checking Protein-Solvent overlap: tested 1512 pairs, removed 9261 atoms.

I feel I'm getting there, but need some advice to come to the point where
I have my trimer in a "relaxed" membrane...

Thanks /

Magnus Andersson

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