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Please keep discussions on the list, there may be others which have the same
Also try to put some effort in writing a well readable e-mail. User list
conversations are not school notes.

In answer to your question... I'd start with a literature search. Plenty of
people will have performed simulations with CoA.


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Subject: Residue 'COA' not found in residue topology
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hii sir
thanks for reply and sory for aproaching through your personal mail with out
your consent
its may be elimentery question but let me ask (honestly)
u mean to say there is no topology parameters available for COA  residue
with gromos force field.so i need to use forcefield other than gromas like
charm or amber.but those are paid software which are not affordable to our
if i get some where  these toplogy is these  compatible for MD simulation by
using gromacs.is any other way to solve problm
thanking you
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