[gmx-users] afm does not work!

Mark Abraham mark.abraham at anu.edu.au
Fri Jan 5 15:42:48 CET 2007

> hi everyone
>   I need to pull the two parallel monolayers together,the two monolayers
> are in the x-y plane , so i pull the one along the z direction,but it
> stay still! i tried several times ,but all failed!
> i use the
> [position_restraints ]
> ¡¡¡¡ 1   1  90000  90000   4000
>      2   1  90000  90000   4000
> the 1 and £²¡¡are the atoms in the long molecules that form the monolayers
> ,if i decreased the fx,fy,fz,it show core fault and stopped!
>  the ; Force constants in kJ/(mol*nm^2)
> afm_k1                   = 100000
>   who can tell me why!

I can't even understand your statement of your problem, never mind
understanding the problem or helping to solve it.

If you want people to give free help, please write clearly, in full
sentences, describing what you wanted to do, what you actually did, what
the error messages actually were, and do all of the above using sensible
characters in sensible fonts.


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