[gmx-users] Where is my bin?

Vladimir Korostelev vladimir.v.korostelev at rambler.ru
Tue Jan 16 19:44:23 CET 2007

* Ansgar Esztermann <aeszter at gwdg.de> [Tue, 16 Jan 2007 18:12:40 +0100]:
> On Tue, Jan 16, 2007 at 07:42:52PM +0300, Vladimir Korostelev wrote:
> > I do not have it! I used:
> > ./configure --prefix=/home/vladimir/gromacs-3.3.1
> >
> > but there is not bin there. It sounds hell but it's true ~:-0
> > I think my binaries are in /home/vladimir/gromacs-3.3.1/src/kernel
> >
> There are two directories pertaining to the installation: a) the
> directory where the source code is (and which will contain
> src/kernel/mdrun and others), and b) the directory into which you
> install. The former is probably called gromacs-3.3.1. The latter is
> given
> as an argument to configure --prefix=.
> I am not sure what happens if you use the same for both directories,
> but I would generally advise against doing so.
> So, from which directory did you call ./configure?

I was in /home/vladimir

Anyway I need need to reinstall GROMACS again with

$make install

after $./configure --prefix=/home/vladimir/gromacs-3.1.1/mydirectory
and $make
Thanks to All for helpful advices!

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